On the journey

On the journey

“He was creating for Jerusalem.”

In these essential verses of Luke’s Gospel, the thought of “journeying” will come up 5 occasions.

Jesus should have been accustomed to the road to Jerusalem, acquiring gone as much as the Temple 3 conditions a 12 months, like every reliable Jew.

The Gospel of John mentions varied of those pilgrimages. However the synoptics report solely a single of those ascents, presenting Jesus’ mission schematically in two phases: the Galilean ministry and the ascent to Jerusalem.

This bodily motion, significantly in Luke, is a metaphor for the Son’s paschal journey. He arrives from the Father and returns to the Father (cf. Jn 13, 1), finishing journey to Jerusalem (Lk 9, 31).

The symbolism of journeying runs all by means of the general Bible.

Humanity’s good return to God begins with Abraham’s putting out on his journey. It’s carried out by the exodus from Egypt, the crossing of the desert, and the return from the exile in Babylon.

It’s achieved day by day by “going for walks based on the Regulation of the Lord” and “in the best way of his will”.

Within the Gospels, the disciple is the a single who walks behind Jesus, who not solely displays the best way, however cellphone calls himself the Method (Jn 14, 6).


Allow us purchase time to ponder Jesus surroundings out on his journey…

He “resolutely turned his facial space”, just like the struggling servant of Isaiah who doesn’t shy absent from God’s contact nor from the human violence (cf. Is 50:4-7).

We see him turned in path of the Father, obvious in his mission. What strikes him just isn’t the hardened will of a stoic kamikaze, however a wonderful actually like. The fireplace of the Spirit that burns in him is the fireplace he got here to ship to earth (Lk 12, 49).

However on the journey, hurdles immediately come up.

There may be an exterior impediment: the Samaritan village that doesn’t get him.

James and John, dedicated to the nickname of “sons of thunder” given to them by Jesus, need to carry down hearth from heaven on the ungodly. Suppressing the opposition by suppressing the opponents is an easy and tempting reply…

However it is a human see and never God’s see. The judgment introduced by Jesus will probably be by means of forgiveness: “Father, forgive them they have no idea what they’re carrying out” (Lk 23, 34). God’s response to evil is by way of his non-violence and non-electrical energy.

There are different obstacles which might be interior: subsequent Jesus anyplace he goes, all appropriate, however… and, the 1 who follows Jesus should settle for, as he did, that they don’t have any “lair” or “nest”.

His on a regular basis dwelling is an individual of journeying that repeatedly forces him to depart his “consolation zone”.

There isn’t any space, materials or religious, that may make him overlook that his dwelling is elsewhere. He’s accustomed to he is called to mission and no connection, however pricey, can hinder his momentum.

An individual can not plow backwards. Burying a father or declaring goodbye to at least one’s mom and father are commendable factors, however they’re relative to the . Didn’t the 12-calendar year-previous Jesus lead to his moms and dads to endure by directing their gaze to his origin and his purpose, God the Father (Lk 2, 40)?

Luke’s Gospel is an individual of mercy. It reveals us the tender humanity of Christ, nevertheless it additionally has teachings of radical want (for example, in chapter 14).

Current day textual content material is an invite to open ourselves in confidence to this two-edged sword that penetrates the wanderings of our hearts inclined to make compromises.

Bénédicte Rollin is a member of the Assumption Sisters in Vilnius (Lithuania).