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Distinctive:”Legacies” Star Jenny Boyd on Lizzie’s Journey As a result of The Eyes of Caroline Forbes

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a woman with pink hair looking at the camera: Legacies star Jenny Boyd exclusively talks to Seventeen about getting to play Lizzie's version of Caroline and the special letter at the end of the musical episode.

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Legacies star Jenny Boyd solely talks to Seventeen about having to engage in Lizzie’s model of Caroline and the specific letter at the stop of the musical episode.

*Key spoilers for year 3 episode 3 of Legacies under>>>P!*

Lizzie may possibly not have been the star of”Salvatore: The Musical!” but she might have had the most important scene stealing instant in the course of the complete episode. When all was said and completed, Hope delivered a special note to her, bringing Lizzie a substantially desired concept from her mother, the one and only Caroline Forbes. It really is a moment that numerous followers have bit by bit hoping for and one particular that will definitely have an impact on Lizzie as she continues onward in year three.

Seventeen bought the probability to talk to Legacies star Jenny Boyd about the sweet second, getting to perform Caroline in the musical, and what Lizzie has up her sleeve in the future period.

17: How was it obtaining to attempt one thing new and have to sing for this episode?

Jenny Boyd: It’s tremendous susceptible, for absolutely sure. I am not utilised to singing seriously in community. I have additional of a folky voice. I think the truly amazing matter is that Kaylee, Danielle and I all have such distinct voices. Kaylee has additional of that musical theater voice. And so we all brought anything truly various to it, which is definitely amazing. It is really a tiny scary recognizing that it can be gonna be out there, forevermore, for the complete entire world to see. It is really a nerve wracking thing. But it was a actually fun expertise and I hope that men and women get pleasure from it and can recognize what we all put into it.

17: This was these types of an psychological episode for Lizzie as she comes to terms with how she feels about herself and her mental health, although also receiving to perform her mother, Caroline. How was it bringing all of that together?

Jenny Boyd: I believed it was a truly fascinating trajectory for Lizzie simply because, in the previous, we have noticed her be definitely enthusiastic and performative [with stuff like this]. She’s normally foremost the talent display efforts and everything. It was a stunning flip for her to variety of get a small little bit intimidated and introspective by the total encounter. It is her on the lookout into her mom’s daily life via The Vampire Diaries. It does seem to be like, as shortly as Caroline grew to become a vampire, her entire lifestyle improved and grew to become pretty obvious. She turned extremely a lot who she was. Lizzie is feeling like she lacks any certainty in who she is, who she would like to be, and how to go into the globe and grow to be an adult. It was really interesting for her to sort of assess herself to her mother who she worships and looks up to so much and genuinely feel a good deal there.

17: Did you go digging into The Vampire Diaries and The Originals to study far more about Caroline’s mannerisms and her story?

JB: I watched The Vampire Diaries in advance of we started taking pictures, so it truly is nonetheless rather new in my mind. But, it truly is typically Lizzie sort of basing the character off of just that hero worship or her individual mother. Ultimately, the tunes that they experienced composed for Lizzie to sing as Caroline, it demonstrates that additional vulnerable facet of her from season 1 when she’s sensation much more missing and type of disregarded. It was a softer side that I do not feel was she was maybe expecting.

17: Even though Josie experienced struggled at the commencing of the season, it appears like Lizzie is the one particular that’s feeling the most out of the group.

JB: I absolutely think Lizzie deep down does feel just form of sidelined and, finally, she does not have that quite a few mates other than her sister, MG, and Hope a minimal bit. But with equally Josie and Hope, they get this type of focus and have the social mobility that she needs that she could have extra of.

17: At the conclusion of the episode, Lizzie gets a letter from Caroline that talks a bit about Lizzie’s psychological wellbeing and how it is all all right. This will absolutely be a effective scene for a whole lot of admirers.

JB: I’m truly thrilled for viewers to see that because some folks possibly recognize with how misplaced Lizzie feels in their teenage and adolescent yrs. I think it truly is tricky for any one to truly truly feel that they know who they are. I would absolutely outline myself as a late bloomer in a lot of means. It is really a really attractive message to talk. And Lizzie does overlook her mom and it’s a authentic void in her lifestyle. I hope that these words and phrases of encouragement from Caroline will have a actually optimistic affect on her likely ahead.

17: Is there anything you can trace going on with Lizzie as the period continues?

JB: Lizzie takes on rather of a leadership purpose in later on episodes. There is variety of an opening there for her to choose on a tiny little bit much more accountability inside the Super Squad and inside of the college in normal. She’s sort of attempting to move up and do her best as the daughter of the Headmaster and engage in her element.

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